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The largest and most advanced institute of its kind in the world

BGI is the world's largest and leading research institute in the field of Next Generation DNA analysis, and was the first to introduce commercial fetal DNA testing to identify Down syndrome (BGI conducted its first test in early 2010, some two years before any other commercial laboratory).
BGI has laboratories all over the globe and the NIFTY test is carried out in its laboratories in Hong-Kong.

Today, BGI carries out numerous tests under ISO 17025 standards and boasts the highest rate of accuracy in the world. Furthermore, the institute is involved in a long line of innovative and groundbreaking research projects coming out of China (see more in the Newsweek report on BGI).

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AML Israel

One of Israel's largest and longest-serving medical laboratories

The logistics of the NIFTY tests in Israel are handled by American Medical Laboratories (AML), the country's largest private laboratory that provides a wide range of lab services to the general public, hospitals and research institutes. One of Israel's longest-serving medical laboratories, AML has been operating in the country for some 30 years.

AML is also the only private laboratory in Israel with official ISO 15189 accreditation, the international standard for medical laboratories. The company employs an independent quality assurance division that is responsible for professional excellence and operations in keeping with formal work procedures.

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